Kids Doodle is a wonderful mobile/Android game (paint) for children and not only, but it is specially designed for kids, updated in January 22, 2014 and created by Doodle Joy Studio.  The current version of the game is 1.6.2 and the game requires 2.2 Android and up. The size of Kids Doodle is too small 5.8M so it does not occupy much space on your mobiles or Androids or smartphones. The game is rated 4.0. Kids Doodle is reviewed very positively by many people consisting approximately almost up to half million reviews. The installs are 10,000,000-50,000,000. Although, Kids Doodle is the simplest game to play or paint it does not lose an interest among the users because of its incredibly beautiful electric colors as it is extremely appealing to children. Kids Doodle has iPad as well as iPhone versions and you should search “Bejoy Mobile” on AppStore to download the game. Apart from those mentioned, the game is attractive to the kids since It is easy to play too so the downside can be an advantage in some cases and when it comes to children, simplicity is the main part.

kids doodle


When you open the game app, the menu, which is decorated with electric colors, has four entries. “Ad-free”, after clicking the button, a new window props up a text written on it and it looks like: “Do you want to upgrade to remove ads and draw full screen canvas? IF you have purchased Ads-free upgrade already, please click ‘Restore’ button.” You have three choices ‘Upgrade’, ‘Restore’ and ‘Cancel’ if you have no desire to remove ads while playing.  The other button is named “more games” and after clicking, it suggests different draw games offered by Doodle Joy Studio. The third button represents “Gallery” and it is one of the most effective, usable as well as very entertaining part of the game. After completing your painting, you have an opportunity to save those paintings. Furthermore, not only can you save the paintings, you also can edit and make corrections or make a video and then watch it or if you have not made a video or forgotten (Video functions are more thoroughly explained below) create it. One of the most important and valuable thing of Kids Doodle contains “Share” button in “Gallery”. After clicking “Gallery” button and opening the relevant picture, you have an opportunity to share it through diverse means and send it to your friends or anyone. You can send the video or picture via message, via mail, put it into the notes, send via Twitter or share on Twitter, Facebook, on Messenger to your friend, via Google+, and so on. For instance, you can draw a picture and show it to the public by sharing or you can write a cute or love graffiti or write something by painting and send it to your appropriate friend who you devote that writing. So it is kind of the additional advantage of the game.


The very first button represents editing to paint. The button is called “New”. As for painting itself, there are eight buttons below and the adds above (If you have not upgraded adds-free function). The first button below implies going backward, so after clicking it, you return to the general menu. The second is the different-colored backgrounds so you can opt for your favorite colored background where you draw. The fourth one gives you the opportunity to choose your favorite brush, the width and thickness of the brushes and the choices really do vary. Especially, new and updated Kids Doodle has six new brushes, such as: twinkling star brush, glowing bubble pen, and etc.  So the children have more variety to create more beautifully decorated painting.  Apart from the brushes, you are given different figures like stars of different shapes so you can make your paintings shine by the figures. The figures also include diverse-colored spirals which additionally gives more decoration possibilities. Moreover, the fifth button includes the “back”, so if the first button means returning menu, the fifth button means returning the last edition of the painting back so the last thing you have painted can be returned. The more you click the “back” button, the more you remove what you have painted. The next button is a rubber. You can remove what you dislike in your painting or remove it totally. The next is watching a video. You can save the way you have created your painting the length of it and, etc. The very last button gives you three opportunities. The first is saving your painting, which is saved in “Gallery” button, the next one is creating video and the last one is sharing what you have done. Considering the fact, the share button is explained above.

The bad point about the adds is that, it changes very often and, that’s why, it disturbs you or distracts you from painting.

Kids Doodle is very pleasant and time-killing game as you see, in particular for little children. Paint is a kind of thing that you can’t get bored as the imagination is limitless so you can draw whatever you have a desire to draw and not doing the same things and the share button adds up the additional motivation to publicize your painting.

The other good thing about the painting is the possibility to give the unfinished paint up and save it incomplete, while at the same time you have an opportunity to continue drawing the same painting whenever you want to go on. So the so called artworks can be saved without finishing.


Why is Kids Doodle different from the other paint games? Ranging from the opportunity to share, to the specific electric colors are the things that outstand it from the other paint games. Hardly ever can you come across the paint game which has so nice, cute, eye-catching and beautiful colors that Kids Doodle have.

Doodle Joy Studio is an organization that creates games for children and we gradually suggest information or articles about diverse games including paint focused on the girls’ segment and boys’ segments. So look through our web page and make your games up to date all the time.

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